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The LOL Golden Cross is not a state medal; it is not given by vote, nor does it grant any privileges or impose responsibilities. It is not an election of the best, for contests and prizes have little to do with human dignity.

Rather, when monitoring Lithuania-on-Line and surveying the events of the week, when adding new services and websites to the search index, one often wants to express gratitude and respect, to respond with a good word, at least, to those who contribute something new, valuable, and beautiful that helps exalt and enrich Lithuania and open her up to the world community of the future.

Especially since, in a world in which payment is based on tangible expenditures, creators are never valued appropriately, and their reward is always less than their achievements. Moreover, the services they perform are frequently free of charge and, therefore, accessible to everyone.

If we may believe the Enlightenment writer Francois de La Rochefoucauld, "To praise sincerely someone's achievements is tantamount to contributing to their work." 

Criteria for evaluation:
novelty in Lithuiania,
accessibility (free of charge, economical, and not having technical constraints),
thoroughness (accurate and exhaustive data, frequent updating),
an attractive layout, clarity,
an option of entering WWW through Opera, Arachne, Linux, older versions of Netscape Navigator, and MS I. Explorer is advisable.

Realizing that it is a challenging task to provide an exhaustive presentation of a subject, we would be glad to hear your comments.     

Vladas Palubinskas


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