This project is supported by the National Program of Lithuania: the Millennium Virtual Exhibition of Lithuania's Cultural Heritage. The Millennium Virtual Exhibition of Lithuania's Cultural Heritage is part of a European program (the Millennium Virtual Exhibition of Europe's Cultural Heritage). On May 21, 1998, the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania established the Organizing Committee of the National Program of Lithuania, and it announced a competition. After evaluating the projects submitted to the competition at a meeting held on November 18, 1998, the Virtual Exhibition Evaluation Commission selected the projects suitable for virtual exhibition. Project ALKA (Open Lithuania Culture Review) was entrusted with the creation of a central website and of a unified style and design for the virtual exhibition and with the establishment of links between the various exhibits

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This project is implemented by the UNESCO Chair in Informatics for the Humanities Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. Consulting experts from the Multimedia Center for Humanities, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

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