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Europe map and the distances from Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, to various European cities, in kilometres

The distances from Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, to various European cities, in kilometres.

Lithuania - Basic Data

Location: on the Eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.
Capital: Vilnius (population 580,100).
Largest cities by population: Vilnius 580,100; Kaunas 418,700; Klaipeda 203,300; Siauliai 147,000; Panevezys 133,300.
National and official language: Lithuanian, an ancient Indo-European language of the Baltic group. Lithuanians use a Latin-based alphabet of 32 letters.
Form of Government: Republic.
Head of State: President Valdas Adamkus   elected for a term of five years took oath on 26 February 1998.
National Assembly: Seimas (Parliament), 141 members, elected every 4 years.
Chairman of Seimas: Ceslovas Jursenas.
Population (1996): 3,711,900. - Distributed between urban 2,518,400 (67.85 % ), and rural 1,193,500 (32,15 % ). 
Ethnic composition: Lithuanian 81,3%, Russian 8,2%, Polish 6,9%, Belarusian 1,5%, others 2,1%.
Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic (estimated 80 % ). Others - Russian Orthodox, Evangelical Lutheran, Judaic, etc.
Population density: 56.8 per 1 square km.
Chief products: Agriculture, forestry, fishing. Light industry.
Area: 65,300 square kilometres (25,212 square miles), about the size of  West Virginia.
Greatest distances: East-West 336 km, North-South 292 km.
Highest points: Juozapine (293.6 metres), Kruopine (293.4 m), Nevaisiai (288.9 m).
Major rivers: Nemunas (937.4 km), Neris (509.5 km).
Largest lakes: Druksiai (4479 ha), Dysnai (2439.4 ha), Dusia (2334.2 ha). Altogether, there are 2,830 lakes larger than 0.5 ha in Lithuania, covering a total area of 880 sq. km.
Climate: Temperature, between maritime and continental. Mean annual temperature 5 degrees Celsius (41 deg. F). Average January temp. in Vilnius - 4.3 deg.; July average 18.1 deg. C. Annual precipitation 577 mm in Vilnius, 739 mm in Klaipeda. Humidity: 78%.
National currency: Litas, equals 100 centas. Exchange rate (approx.): 3.45 Litas equals 1 Euro.

Sources: LR Gvt.’s Statistics Department, Lithuanian Heritage, TUULSS.


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