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v. Petro ir Povilo banyčia

This exhibition of unique photographs reveals a distinctive and unparalleled aspect of the culture of old Vilnius - its architectural monuments: sacral and public buildings, monasteries, and their interiors. Over the centuries, architectural features changed as the city developed and each epoch contributed new constructions.

Old Vilnius is a magnificent inherited treasure, a compilation of the skills of many generations of architects from Lithuania and abroad. The photographs presented here have captured the historical view of Vilnius which suffered the changes of occupation and technology of the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries, a distinctively expanded city panorama innundated by modern buildings, and the irretrievably altered beauty of the Vilnius surroundings. 
The photographs selected from the collections of the Vilnius University Library are the unique works of internationally renowned photographers J.Czechowicz, S.Fleury, and others; they unfold the multi-ethnic cultural heritage of Vilnius and highlight the fact that photography in Lithuania developed from a trade to a world recognized art. 
This exhibition presents more than 80 photographs by various artists from the second half of the 19th century to 1914.


Text and illustrations for this Web page were provided by the Vilnius University Library.

Ekskursija For a more in-depth presentation we invite you to visit the Vilnius in Old Photographs Internet site, where you will find a more comprehensive introduction to the city of Vilnius and its old photographs. Text prsented in Lithuanian and English. Provided by the Vilnius University Library.

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