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Welcome to Samogitia, a publication about a unique cultural region of Lithuania with an original and interesting history where the language, traditions and customs of our ancestors are still strong.

The magazine carries stories about the rich heritage of Samogitian culture, its museums, theatres, music (Folk Songs), parks and public organisations, which influence cultural life in Samogitia.

You will also find maps where the historical and linguistic borders of Samogitia are marked; historical and cultural themes are presented as well. You have an opportunity to get acquainted with the Coat of Arms and the Flag of Samogitia, its scientists and scholars, public figures and artists who were born or lived in this region, with Samogitian intellectuals, the Association of Writers of Samogitia, with the Telsiai Diocese and the press. You will also find major publications from the Samogitian Land magazine.

 All this will find visiting the Samogitia website 

Garso áraðas  "Eisem sesres i darzeli, pinsem rutu vainikeli" (Samogitian folk song)

Garso áraðas "Pruo visneliu suodneli" (Samogitian folk song)

A Virtual Exhibition of a Millenium of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage:
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