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or centuries folk textiles have been an expression of cultural identity in Lithuania. Internationally throughout history, textiles patterns have been a part of national art. Lithuania and its people is woven into the intricate and subtle motives of its textile patterns. Textiles represent a rich cultural cross-road of the Lithuanian experience.
This publication provides an historical and regional perspective of Lithuanian textile patterns and provides a framework for interpretation and analysis of the designs. It will dwell on the importance of handmade weavings both within the family environment and as expression of the social fabric of the country.

This page is a short visit only. The author of this and related pages  is Vida Savoniakaitė, the Institute of  Lithuanian History.   

Ekskursija  These and other themes introduced in this brief survey of the Lithuanian Textiles Paterns  treated in greater detail in the exhibit of the Lithuanian Textiles Paterns, createwd by Vida Savoniakaitė, the Institute of  Lithuanian History

A Virtual Exhibition of a Millenium of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage:
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