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Landscape and Architecture: Cultural heritage and current treasures in the most beautiful parts of Lithuania

Kraštovaizdis ir architektūra - ekspozicijos pradžia The Landscape's Development
Fort-hills and Castles
Cities and Towns
National Parks
City Parks and Estates
Engineered Structures
Health Resorts' Architecture

Lithuania's landscape, through a thousand years of human settlement and endeavor, has been transformed, from a "natural" to a modified, cultivated state.
Man's activity, however, did not merely exploit or "impoverish" the land, but enriched it as well, most visibly through architectural works. This is recognized and broadly displayed within our exhibit, from ethnic farmsteads or villages, fort-hills and castles, to positive examples of the most important resort and tourism zones, as well as representations of landscape architecture - the art inherent in national and regional parks and their management. Even the beauty of nature can be a category of culture, understandable only by man. Our exposition will show how our cultural heritage and esthetic potential is implemented in our current cultural works, and otherwise. 

This website is a Short Visit. Text and illustrations prepared by Vytautas the Great University. Leader - Prof. Dr. Vladas Stauskas.

EkskursijaThis Excursion will acquaint you with our cultural heritage and current treasures in the most beautiful parts of Lithuania. The Exposition was prepared by Vytautas the Great University, Daukanto 28, Kaunas. Leader - Prof. Dr. Vladas Stauskas.

A Virtual Exhibition of a Millenium of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage:
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