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Samogitia is an historical ethnographic region of Lithuania which zealously maintains its distinctive dialect, customs, and traditions. It is a region with an interesting history and a distinctive culture. It also stands out among the regions of Lithuania for the great beauty of its scenery, architecture, museums, and parks.

In the last few years Samogitia has developed a network of museums. As required by tradition, each of them has its own special theme. One is devoted to regional history (Telsiai), another - to art (Plunge), a third - to ethnography (Skuodas, Kelme, Raseiniai, and Baubliai), a fourth - to manor house culture (Kretinga), in yet another the visitor finds himself in exhibit halls which tell about Lithuanian amber (Palanga).

Many museums are located in the former manor houses of magnates, which were built in the most beautiful parts of this region, or in parks that have recently been restored and reorganized, in the old holy places of Samogitia. Some of these old parks have survived to the present day. In many of them there are restored old manor houses which attract great attention from people interested in Lithuanian history and culture. Such buildings also contain museums devoted to the region of Samogitia - its history, culture, and art (Kelme, Palanga, Plunge, Kretinga, Rietavas, Renavas and other).

 Have a pleasant trip through the museums and parks of Samogitia!

Trumpa viešnage The texts and illustrations for this page were provided by the Information and Culture Center of the Samogitian Cultural Society.

Apžvalgine ekskursija  During  the excursion to Samogitian Parks and Museums of you will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the museums and parks of this region of Lithuania. Presented by the Information and Culture Center of the Samogitian Cultural Society.

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