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 From Bronze Age till 20th

Catalog of the Exhibition

Prehistoric societies are recognized through archaeological information. Accurate and scientific disclosure of history's secrets is necessary for those who desire knowledge of our cultural heritage.

It is the goal of this exposition of Baltic Archeology to present a cross-section of society's development, and to acquaint you with the Balts' archaeology and prehistoric society from the bronze age to modern times (bronze and iron ages, early iron, middle iron, late iron ages, early middle ages, middle ages, modern times). 

While observing scientific limits in definition and reconstruction, certain fragments characterizing those societies have been reconstituted. This may include an individual article, grave goods, funeral customs or rituals, fragments of buildings, part of a cultural layer, or an archaeological monument. 

Material associated with archaeological monuments (burial grounds, hill-forts, settlements) for each basic group has been employed in building this exhibit. The visitor will become acquainted with archaeological sources for diverse periods.

A specific informational system has been applied throughout the exposition, defining a period's attributes and grouping data. Throughout each period there lived people who arrayed themselves in clothing and adornments; who worked and armed themselves; made tools; looked after crops and animals; built homes and forts; modified their surroundings and landscape; and lived in communities, while observing customs and rituals.

We wish you success, searching out the future within the past.

Text and illustrations were prepared by Kaunas Technological University multimedia laboratory.

Ekskursija The Exhibit  consists of 11 separate areas, offering information arranged and presented according to each specific society's distinguishing characteristics. The exhibit's tables provide access to individual blocs of data leading to diverse information, from archaeological findings to reconstructions of the population's dwellings and environment. Presented by the Multimedia Laboratory of Kaunas Technological University.

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